What is Speed Gifting

What is speed gifting you ask? Well, it’s the art of quickly and efficiently finding gifts for everyone. Most people are super busy, and getting appropriate gifts for everyone is not always easy.  Yet you’ll often see that some are better than others at being efficient at this.

Especially around holiday time, finding appropriate gifts for everyone that you need or want to give something to, becomes nothing short of a big challenge. So here are a few tips on how to do this in the most painless and quick manner:

Make Proper Lists:

One of the best ways to be efficient in make lists of people who you want to give gifts to. It often helps to group them in categories – family, work, helpers, etc. Then buy all the gifts for one group of people together. Often, you can even buy multiples of the same thing for different people in one group.

Think Food:

Here is one tip with which you can pretty much not go wrong. Give gifts that taste good – chocolate, cakes, cheeses etc. This tip works great when you are getting presents for people you don’t know very well, such as colleagues. Just make sure you don’t get something for someone that they are allergic to!

speed-giftingPersonalize It:

Think of one gift – say a phone case – and then customize it for a bunch of different people. So rather than thinking of different gifts to give each person, you can just think of one gift and repeat it. But because you are personalizing it, you are really giving each person a unique gift. And the best part is that such a gift will be particularly appreciated as being exclusive and thoughtful.

Think About Who You Are Buying The Gift For:

People often shop during rush hour or in a department store sale. One thing that sets the efficient ones apart from regular shoppers is that they know at first look which gift is for whom. It’s not really practice, but rather intuition or feeling about who likes what. Of course one must already know who the person is who will be receiving the gift. Do they like home or bath decor? Do they like cooking? Do they enjoy golf? That one aspect of knowing what someone likes can help you do speed gifting since you already have an idea what this person might like or love to receive from you as a gift.

Speed gifting makes a lot of sense for presents for family members such as nieces, siblings, cousins and or any other relatives because you have the kind of relationship already built up and you most likely keep in touch with each other. That means that you already have some idea about what type of gift they might like.

The bottom line is that the ability to shop fast and efficiently without fail or without forgetting another person’s gift can save you a lot of time, as well as get you a lot of brownie points!