Cool Curtains For Your Shower

I have recently started redecorating my bathroom, and I thought it would be fun to write about my thoughts and experiments here.

One of the biggest things I realized is that the easiest way to create a whole new look for your bathroom is to change your shower curtain. Just simply changing its color will alter things fairly dramatically. This works really well if you make a mood change too – like changing from an elegant grey to a vibrant yellow – can you imagine what a difference that would make?

Alternately, you can have a theme – like a forest theme, for example, if you love nature. If you are a person who loves animals, you can have a dog theme for example. One theme that is popular for kids’ bathrooms is an ocean theme. You can then get ideas for some really cool themes on

Once you have decided on your shower curtain, then you can get the rest of the things in the bathroom to maintain that look. If it’s as basic as a color, that makes it very simple. Even with a theme, if it is not too esoteric, it is possible to get other accessories, such as soap dispensers, towels, etc. that fit in with that theme.

In short, I am starting out the redecoration of my bathroom with figuring out my shower curtain, and this has worked well for me.